Alejandra Piñeiro


Fine Art

"Painting is an outlet to explore

feelings and emotions we have trapped inside ourselves."

 "Some of the elements involved in my paintings are nostalgia, wonder, and spirituality, which are symbolized through the effects of light. My paintings are a combination of these elements and the strong feelings and emotions felt while observing nature during my travels."
Alejandra Piñeiro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Architecture, and later did a Masters in Urban Design and Historic Preservation. 

Alejandra has lived in 6 different countries during her life. This has had an impact on the way she sees the world and society. She enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures, and admiring the varied landscapes the world has to offer. Her travel experiences come through in her work.

At the moment, Alejandra complements her career in architecture and urban design with her passion for painting. She is inspired by the beauty of nature in its many forms and colors, especially landscapes. The strength of her paintings comes from her drawing ability and use of vibrant color. Her unique perspective and eye for detail add to her own personal style. 

Alejandra works as a freelance artist painting at her home studio in Falls Church City, Virginia.